Friday, October 28, 2016

Demand jail time for Russian girls that ripped dog’s heart out while laughing!


by Rebecca Beaty October 25, 2016

The two perpetrators are Alina Orlova (aged 21) and her best friend Alyona Savchenko (19-years-old). The two live in the town of Khabarovsk, in the eastern part of Russia and seem to have developed a tremendous hate for animals, as they look to harm them every time they get the chance to.
The two are looking to adopt as many cats and dogs as they can lay their hands on. They get custody of the animals from local shelters after promising to look after the animals, but it turns out they do anything but that. What they actually do is take the animals to remote locations – abandoned houses situated at the outskirts of the city – and terminate them in the most vicious ways.

For instance, the puppy  in the photos above was bashed with a hammer and later had its internal organs ripped into pieces. As if the abuse itself was not enough, the girls documented the ordeal by recording it and later posted the video and gruesome pictures on social media, bragging about how much fun they had.

In another series of shocking videos, a defenseless puppy is hung and shot and a pregnant cat is sliced in half with a knife. All of this so these girls can be amused. The attackers don’t pass on the opportunity to pose for photos and upload them on VKontakte – a popular social media network in Russia. The message they are sending is crystal clear: these teenagers have no shame whatsoever and want to let everyone know what they are up to.

The precise of number of innocent animals that perished in terrible pain in their hands is yet to be determined, but based on the photos posted online and revealed by a Russian blog, the girls have terminated at least a dozen.

Both attackers study at the Pacific National University in Khabarovsk. It has also been revealed that Alyona’s mother was deprived of parental rights due to alcoholism and Alyona has been booked before; her best friend, Alina Orlova, pictured on the top left, is the daughter of a Colonel in the Russian Air Forces, Nikolai Orlov Vladimirovich. The Russian media have been doing their best to hide the identity of the girl amid pressure from her father. But the truth eventually came to light and the story went viral on social media and was picked up by numerous international news outlets. Reports have emerged that Orlova was detained by police at the Vladivostok airport, as she was preparing to board a flight to St. Petersburg.

Please support my petition and demand jail time for these heartless girls. There is absolutely no excuse for what they did – they knew perfectly what they were doing. The authorities must send a strong message to the entire country: cruelty to animals will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Take action now and do not let this case be swept under the rug! We, the undersigned, demand justice for all the animals that perished in the hands of Alina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko.

News Sources: The Mirror and Imgur 

Alyona Savchenko

Alina Orlova

The girls filmed themselves ripping the dog apart.

In another gruesome photo posted online, a dog was hung and shot.

Dozens of animals are believed to have perished in the hands of these deranged girls.

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