Friday, October 28, 2016

Punish evil Russian girls that sliced pregnant cat in half and posted photos on social media!


by Gertrie Nunez October 24, 2016

The disturbing photos of a cat being cut open by a couple of cruel college girls have emerged online. I set up this petition because I want these heartless, irresponsible teenagers to be brought to justice as soon as possible. Please support my appeal by signing and sharing the petition.

The girls are Alina Orlova, 21, and Alena Savchenko, 19, which is known in the online world as Christina K. The two, who living the city of Khabarovsk, eastern Russia adopted the pregnant cat from a local rescue shelter. They promised to take good care of it, but instead ended its life in the most inhumane way, just to entertain themselves. As the photos shows, the girls hung the cat to a rope and poked it with a knife several times. The desperate animal tries to escape, but is powerless. In the end, the two slice the defenseless animal in half and proceed to remove the unborn babies from her body. Alena then took a ‘selfie photo’ and posted in on VKontakte – a popular social media network, the equivalent of Facebook in Russia. The fact that they decided to upload the photos online only comes to show they have a blatant disregard for humanity and not afraid of being apprehended. 

However, it was revealed that there were far many more innocent victims. It seems that the two girls, who study at the Pacific National University in Khabarovsk, have developed a native hate towards animals and were constantly looking to adopt puppies and kittens. They would later taken them to an abandoned home at the outskirts of the city and terminate them. After the job was finished, they posed for photos (also with a smile of victory on their faces) and post the photos online. One puppy was hung and shot, while another one was bashed with a hammer and had his organs removed by one of the girls, while the other one was filming and taking photos. The two would also post photos photos with the animals shortly after adopting and would ask their followers how they wanted  the puppies or kittens to die.

The story of these heartless women went viral on social media after a Russian blog exposed their ‘operations’. Despite the fact the two had been posting these disturbing pictures for weeks on social media (on public profiles) authorities did not bother to intervene up until this point. Alina Orlova was detained in Vladivostok, where she was waiting for a connecting flight between her home city of Khabarovsk to St Petersburg in the north-western part of the country. She stated that she was innocent, claiming that she was being framed and that the photos posted on her social media account had been doctored. On the other hand, Alena Savchenko has yet to be detained. Local media reports that Savchenko’s family has close ties with local law enforcement, which might explain why police did nothing all this time.

It is obvious that Savchenko’s family will try to pursue local authorities to drop all charges against the two. We cannot let this happen under any circumstances. The evidence against them is compelling and solid. We must put pressure and spread the word to ensure that true justice will be done. We owe it to all the innocent animals that viciously died in the hands of these monsters.

Please do not let Ms. Savchenko and Ms. Orlova escape unpunished. Sign and share the petition now!

More information and photos here: 

Alina Orlova

Alena Savchenko

A photo of the cat before the attack.

One of the girls takes a 'selfie'.

The two then remove the cat's unborn babies from her body.

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